Call For Speakers

Our Call for Speakers is closed.


While we’re open to a wide range of topics; we’d like to see talks that somewhat fit in the spectrum of:

  • Cutting-edge advancements in the world of front-end and design
  • Scalability and performance
  • Architecture and maintainability
  • Ways of transforming CSS
  • Modular front-end systems
  • Animation
  • Pushing the boundaries of SVG
  • Tools and workflows
  • Being a better designer and/or front-end developer
  • Ridiculous, wild ideas and projects
  • And finally: whatever you want, this is your conference

How to Write a Good Proposal?

Here’s what we expect from a proposal:

  • Language: All talks are in English.
  • Talk Duration: Talks should be 30 minutes long (although usually there’s no problem if a talk falls anywhere in-between 20 and 40 minutes). There will be no Q&A.
  • Conciseness: Keep the proposal short and sweet—up to four paragraphs. It’s tempting to write a lengthy description to fully convey the idea in your head, but due to the amount of submissions we get it makes a big difference if a proposal makes a good impression straight away.
  • Formatting: Write with care. Typos, sloppy formatting, all-lowercase proposals will reflect negatively on the outcome of your submission.
  • Originality: At CSSConf AU we’re committed to pushing the community forward, which is why we favour original content. There’s nothing wrong with a talk that has already been given elsewhere if it will be presented with new information or demonstrations, making it unique for our audience.

We Help

We know that not everyone considers themselves a potential speaker. Delivering a talk can be challenging. Designing beautiful slides might feel impossible. Live demos can go wrong in so many ways.

We believe anyone can become a speaker. We’re here to help and guide you to develop skills to deliver a stellar talk.

Here’s what we can do:

  • Connect you to experienced speakers, who can offer mentorship in preparing a great talk.
  • Provide advice on creating a great slide deck, from typography, colours, content-writing to accessibility and Code of Conduct compliance.
  • Rehearse the talk with you via Skype, phone or over a cuppa here in Melbourne.
  • Connect you to local groups if you’d like to practice in front of a friendly crowd.

Additionally, you might find these materials helpful:

If there’s anything else that’d make it easier for you to apply, let us know.

The Selection Process

We wrote a lengthy explanation of how we’re going to be gathering submissions and why we’re doing things differently—you should have a look. Here’s how it’ll work in a nutshell:

  1. All submissions are anonymised with a carefully curated amount of conscious bias.
  2. All talks are reviewed and voted on by the conference organisers based on the following criteria:
    • relevance to the community
    • clarity and cohesiveness of the proposal
    • originality of the talk
  3. Triaged submissions are completely de-anonymised and we select the final lineup.

What We’re Offering

If your talk is selected, here’s what you’ll get:

Travel to and within Melbourne

We’ll cover the cost of reasonable, comfortable flights for yourself and, if you’re based in Australia or New Zealand, your partner, child, or whoever else you wish to bring. Additionally, we’ll provide an account with a cab company so you can get around Melbourne without worrying about costs.

If your employer can cover your travel and/or accommodation, we'll be happy to list them as a sponsor. The money we save will be invested into making the conference even better and will be allocated to our Diversity Fund.


5 nights in a nice, central hotel, located close to the venue. We’d like you to be well rested and have the ability to discover and enjoy the beauty of the city.

Sim Cards

We realise how difficult it might be to travel without roaming data and not be able to easily contact your loved ones, check emails or simply use maps. That’s why we will provide our speakers with prepaid local sim cards.

Help with visas

If you’re travelling from overseas we’ll assist you in finding the right type of visa and providing a letter of invitation to make the visit as smooth as possible.

Dedicated team member to assist you

A selected member of the organisers team will keep in touch with you regarding travel plans, enquiries or any possible questions that might arise (yes, we will hook you up with a Foursquare list with the best coffee in town ☕️).

Entrance to all conferences

As a speaker you can access all the events during View Source Fest free of charge. That includes CSSConf, JSConf, Decompress and all accompanying parties.

A fun post-conference activity day

After all events are wrapped up we invite our speakers, their partners or families to enjoy a relaxing day together. Last year we rented a bus and went up to Healesville Sanctuary to get to know some of Australia’s famous, not-at-all-deadly animals 🐨

We will be gathering dietary requirements or any other necessary information to accommodate our speakers prior to the event. If you have any concerns or questions about whether all your needs can be addressed, please contact us.

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Our Call for Speakers is closed.

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