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Wednesday November 30 🎫 Registration 🍳 Breakfast 📢 Welcome 🎤 1: Ally Long—Human Compatibility Error: How novice tech users in West Africa respond to your fancy CSS 🎤 2: Ally Palanzi—Accessibility matters. Let’s do something about it ☕️ Coffee 🎤 3: Michael Rog—Getting 'Up To Speed' with Accelerated Mobile Pages 🎤 4: Josh Johnston—At Least 6 Ways to Win with CSS Modules 🍜 Lunch 🎤 5: Nadieh Bremer—SVGs beyond mere shapes 🎤 6: Barak Chamo—Hey presto, CSS! 🍰 Sweets 🎤 7: José M. Pérez—Progressive image rendering 🎤 8: Serena Chen—The Ideal Styling Language: a gedankenexperiment 🍵 Tea 🎤 9: Petra Gulicher—Building a style guide for all Australians 📸 Family photo and announcements 🎉 Party - The Panama Dining Room

Ally Long(DE)

is a designer and front-end developer at eHealth Africa, focussed on creating interfaces for novice tech users in West Africa. She likes all the usual things - cats, goats, coffees, internets.

@allyelle (www)

Ally Palanzi(US)

is a senior front-end engineer making internet things at Vox Media. Loves ice cream, Sass, community building, and sharing photos of her cat on the internet.

@mylifeasalllly (www)

Barak Chamo(UK)

is a London-based full-stack developer, entrepreneur and web tech speaker. He’s passionate about emerging web technologies, great online user experiences and building things faster and better.

@GoFoolhardy (www)

José M. Pérez(SWE)

is a web developer at Spotify. He loves making sites accessible and fast for everyone. When not trying to catch up with the latest libraries and frameworks, he relaxes baking and running.

@jmperezperez (www)

Josh Johnston(AU)

works with fantastic X-Team colleagues around the world, and loves learning new ways to collaborate over time and space. And spends as much time as possible at the beach with lovely wife and daughters.

@joshwnj (www)

Michael Rog(US)

runs a small dev team in Texas. Code is his happy place. He wants to be a teacher when he grows up. When not writing code, he cooks with friends, travels all over the place, sings in the shower, and works out with the circus.

@michaelrog (www)

Nadieh Bremer(NL)

is a Graduated Astronomer, turned Data Scientist, turned self-taught Data Visualization Designer. Part of Adyen’s front-end team. Spending all her free time on personal projects found on

@NadiehBremer (www)

Petra Gulicher(AU)

AKA Petch. A front-end developer living in sunny Sydney, building products for the web and the many devices connected to it. She is a die-hard advocate for making things simple and usable.

@petronbot (www)

Serena Chen(NZ)

builds design frameworks at BNZ Digital. She is an ex-physicist, hacker at heart, and hosts a feminist podcast.

@sereeena (www)



Melbourne Meat Market
5 Blackwood Street, North Melbourne

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